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wholesale phone accessories in China

           JIEMUKAI factory, established in 2005, is one of the Top 10 mobile screen digitizer manufacturers with 17 years of experience in production. Our focus is on the entire production process, from raw material glass to ribbon bonding, module production, and cover plate lamination, ensuring high efficiency and consistent quality.In 2014, we transformed into Guangzhou Jiemukai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. due to the rapid development of the Internet and increasing customer demands. We established an office in Guangzhou and became a technology and trade-integrated company.

         We are committed to providing customers with multi-brand replacement lcd products that cover various brands, models, and quality requirements. We have also expanded our product range to wholesale gadget parts include mobile phone batteries, phone back covers, and other accessories to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

         Furthermore, we have set up warehouses in Germany, Spain, France, and Russia, facilitating quick shipments and convenient replenishment for global customers.

         Since 2018, we have actively participated in international exhibitions, including Hong Kong Global Resources, MWCA in the United States, IFA in Germany, and ES in Brazil. By showcasing our phone lcd parts products and services on a global stage, we've strengthened relationships with new and existing clients, forming collaborative partnerships and understanding their evolving needs. These exhibitions have provided us with insights into industry trends and emerging technologies, allowing us to stay ahead in the wholesale phone accessories market and expand our product offerings.

         At JIEMUKAI, we're committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous growth. We emphasize cooperation and communication with our clients, offering customized production and professional  technical phone screen support with long-term after-sales service. Whether you are a mobile phone lcd screens supplier or a repair service provider, we can offer you the best solutions.

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